i heart GAMI have a lot of older music I wish to blog about, mainly which will be Hello Project related. I’m probably going to go methodically throughout the different acts. Even though many of them aren’t recent, I still think that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have archives of older songs that often get lost. However, I will be tying to keep up to date on new releases!

To do list:
1. Abe Natsumi complete discography
  I’m going to try to upload a lot of videos from my own collection so this project will probably take longer than I want to.
2. GAM “Thanks”
3. Namie Amuro “Baby Don’t Cry”
4. C-ute “Sakura Chirari”
5. Sukima Switch “Akatsuki no Uta”
7. Kusumi Koharu single
8. Berryz Koubou “VERY BEAUTY”
9. Angela Aki “Sakurairo”
10. Ayu Best White & Black

I ordered a whole bunch of GAM stuff (which means their entire discography) so I hope to be able to rip some of the videos off the DVD myself. Keep your fingers crosed though. ^_^


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One Response to “Upcoming”

  1. redracer

    Be very careful what you post – 4 or 5 of the regular JPop sites that we link to have been closed down in the last couple of days 😦

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