Posted On March 14, 2007

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YUI’s eighth single, CHE.R.Y. was released on March 7, 2007, and reached the #2 spot. I am not particularly fond of her voice, but I give her props for composing her own music. Whether you end up liking it or not depends on your music taste, I guess, but I’m not hearing anything stellar on this single.

My Subjective Score: 6/10

I like how she speeds up the lyrics at little parts, as it keeps the song interesting. I don’t know if I’m quite feeling the actual music, yet the song is upbeat and fun. Maybe you’ll really like it when you listen to it, maybe not.

2. Driving today
A slow song that fits well with the softness of her voice. I think it is a litttle too mellow for me. I don’t have much of an opinion on this one.

Track 1: CHER.R.Y.
Track 2: Driving today
Track 3: Rolling Star ~YUI Acoustic Version~
Track 4: CHE.R.RY ~Instrumental~


YUI is in a fantasy-like world, mixed between animation and an indoor Snow White reminiscent garden, with fake animals in tow. I get the feeling that she has a shy personality. Notice at the very end of the song she is strumming her guitar when there is only an electric guitar playing the music.


One Response to “YUI [CHER.RY]”

  1. ulfasso

    i like her voice, thought this release is bit under what she has done before.
    her last album worth the listen even if it’s nothing new. it’s a sunny music and a gentle voice.

    (i’m french so i apologize for my future mistakes! ^^)

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