Namie Amuro [Baby Don’t Cry]

Posted On March 9, 2007

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Baby Don’t Cry was released on January 24, 2007 by the beautiful pop queen Amuro Namie, and is her 31st single (wow!). This single has been sitting around in my room for quite some time, and I figured I needed to blog about it instead of letting months go by. Overall the single is well created, yet it doesn’t exactly fit my taste. Anyway, it reached #3 on the Oricon chart and that says something, doesn’t it?

My Subjective Score: 8/10

1. Baby Don’t Cry
The beat in the background is creative, and it is integrates with her voice smoothly. It sounds like a slowed down dance track, and that’s probably why there is also a remix on the cd. At first I didn’t really like the song, but after I listened to it a few times it isn’t all that too bad and it is growing on me slowly.

2. Nobody
Nobody sounds a lot like Baby Don’t Cry, but just happens to sound a little softer and slower. It is basically the sequel to White Light, a previous song she did, but changed up a little bit. I really like the beat and the tone of her voice is right on. So, yes, I do have a tendency to like B-sides better somehow. I love this song!

Track 1: Baby Don’t Cry
Track 2: Nobody
Track 3: Baby Don’t Cry (TV-MIX)
Track 4: Nobody (TV-MIX)


Namie is continuously walking, looking very stylish in her long black trench coat. Her hair is so long! They have to be extensions! She looks very pretty and natural in the video.


One Response to “Namie Amuro [Baby Don’t Cry]”

  1. Tokyosista

    I absolutely love this song. Its one of her best singles.

    hee hee…yeah I don’t think her hair is naturally that long either….she’s so beautiful tho, so who cares. ^___^

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