Inoue Marina [Beautiful Story]

Posted On March 9, 2007

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Beautiful Story was released on March 1, 2007 by Inoue Marina, as the ending theme for the anime “gestumentoheika Mi-na”. Marina is mainly a voice actor, but she has also released two previous singles before this during the past three years, so apparently singing isn’t her main focus. I’m not sure if I’m convinced if she can actually sing, however. She seems cute, but I can’t take her seriously.

My Subjective Score: 5.5/10

1. Beautiful Story
I could use a little more energy out of her voice to match the music, seemed like she was a little asleep. The beat is a little funky and not bad to dance to; by the end of the song I admit I’m moving to the music. It is okay, yet it doesn’t blow me away.

2. Hen na Koi
This is a cutesy song enhanced by her high voice. I do realize that Beautiful Story was released for the t.v. show, so it’s not like she was trying to break into the top ten on the Oricon chart and had a great team behind her creating. I can see this as a song for one of the younger Hello! Project groups.

Track 1: Beautiful Story
Track 2: Hen na Koi
Track 3: Beautiful Story (Instrumental)
Track 4: Hen na Koi (Instrumental)


4 Responses to “Inoue Marina [Beautiful Story]”

  1. Chiyo

    I think you should listen to her song ‘Houseki’, she sings with a more deep voice, and it’s sadder. Much better than this.

  2. Rai

    She actually has a really gorgeous voice, as seen in her debut single “Houseki”. I would say she was lucky enough to be able to work with Kajiura Yuki, who (I believe) really helped draw out the richness and depth of Inoue’s voice. Her later stuff doesn’t quite match up with “Houseki”, most of them were more commercial (being character songs and all).

    “Beautiful Story” is pretty bad however. It sounds downright annoying, and her voice is definitely NOT suited to high ranges (I mean, you can’t even recognize her voice here, and her voice pretty distinctive).

  3. KawaiKitten

    I wouldn’t say her voice doesn’t sound good in a high range. If you listen to her song Energy you will also hear a different side to her voice and it’s actually good. But I do agree that dark haunting tunes suit her voice best. Another song with a haunting sound by Inoue is Ballad, which is an excellent song. Houseki is also a wonderful song, and I must admit, I have all three on my iPod at this very moment. I can’t bring myself to delete them.

  4. autism109201

    I know this has nothing to do with the review, but oh well. Thanks for the share. Personally, being the Nakata Yasutaka-biased person that I am, I love it. I don’t know, I haven’t heard any of her other works. Was searching for the instrumentals =)

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