Angela Aki [Sakurairo]

Posted On March 9, 2007

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Sakurario was released on March 7, 2007 by the graceful Angela Aki. Do I like it? Yes. But do I love it. No. I feel that she needs to have some more range in her song choices. A lot of her songs sound a lot alike. The overall single isn’t the strongest, but it is still worth spending your money on. Though I may seem negative, Angela is a lot better comparitively to other female musicians in talent. The piano version of “Home” is your treat on this single!

My Subjective Score: 8.5/10

1. Sakurairo
She has a beautiful tone throughout and the chorus sounds just as pretty. There are lots of strings that make it sound very “massive” for lack of a better word. Sakurario is a typical Angela ballad song and I am not disappointed.

2. On & On
I’m not sure if I like the way her voice sounds because at points she sounds like she’s wailing. Anyway, the song is uplifting and I can easily listen to it.

3. Power of MUSIC
I think she almost sounds like Madonna a bit in the beginning! I like that she mixed in some background music other than just a piano and strings to mix it up a little. For some reason this song annoys me just a little bit. It’s decent as a whole, I guess.

Track 1: Sakurairo
Track 2: On & On
Track 3: Power of MUSIC
Track 4: Home -piano version-


She gives off a lot of emotion with her face. There are cherry blossom petals falling around Angela as she rocks out on a piano, and the video is nice on the eyes. Will we ever see her without the glasses?


One Response to “Angela Aki [Sakurairo]”

  1. ulfasso

    I recently bought the cd, and i must say that i was bewithched by her voice (that i already know thought….) and her songs that are just great.
    She is one of the best singer and she is absolutely cute….what else would you want.

    (does anyone knows where to find her musical score….my advice to you guys, you should learn how to play sakurairo and home…girls will just fall in love! 😉 )

    you all have a good one!

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