°C-ute [Sakura Chirari]

Sakura Chirari was released on February 21st, 2007 and reached #3 on the Oricon chart, which is quite impressive for such a young Hello! Project group. °C-ute was formed in 2005, pulling girls from Hello! Project Kids, who mainly served as back-up dancers and such. Sakura Chirari is °C-ute’s first “official single” even though they have released 4 indie singles prior. The song itself is not anywhere near fantastic, but it is a modest start for °C-ute.

Current members are as follows:
Arihara KannaHagiwara MaiNakajima SakiOkai ChisatoSuzuki AiriUmeda ErikaYajima Maima [leader]

My Subjective Score: 7/10

1. Sakura Chirari
Although it is a cute song it has an underlying of maturity to it. I don’t think the singing overall is strong enough throughout the chorus; there could have been more energy. Yajima Maimi sounded pretty well; I can’t recognize a lot of them yet. Overall it doesn’t stand out, but it is a decent song. I do dig the French tunes in there.

The song seems like it is better suited for a solo artist than a group to me for some odd reason. Some of the girls fall flat in their singing. I like this song as much as I did the first one, yet I’m not saying it was terrible, it just isn’t catchy enough for me to put it on repeat.

Track 1: Sakura Chirari
Track 2: JUMP
Track 3: Sakura Chirari (Instrumental)


A video full of pastel colors and floating stuffy! The pink outfits they had on reminded me of bath curtains. It’s cute to watch all the different girls. Maybe I’ll begin to start recognizing them.


7 Responses to “°C-ute [Sakura Chirari]”

  1. APX

    I am a producer/remixer and I like C-ute and Berryz Koubou very much. I have remixed Berryz Koubou’s song “Munasawagi Scarlet” and C-ute new single “Sakura Chirari”

    MP3s of these remixes are available in 128kb mp3 format on my site http://www.soundclick.com/apx

    Videos are available at these youtube links

    Sakura Chirari (APX KlubMix)

    Munasawagi Scarlet (APX KlubMix)

    I am almost finished a remix of Berryz new single “VERY BEAUTY”

    Please post this on your site! Thanks!


  2. ara

    wow… they are really cute… I really love jpop

  3. desiree

    moshi moshi
    watashiwa anata

  4. desiree

    i luv u

  5. chikato

    gotta love C-ute there comming up ^_^!

  6. Mai

    Could you PLEASE send me this song and ‘JUMP’?

  7. Pessica

    Guapas sou les millors del mon

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