GAM [Thanks !]

GAM is the newest super group of Hello Project, composed of Fujimoto Miki and Matsuura Aya, my two favorite gals in the whole world. As you may already know, Aya is a successful solo artist while Miki will soon be the leader of Morning Musume. Thanks ! is their first single released on September 13, 2006. Tsunku has really created something big here…and I can’t help but wonder if he’s creating a definite place for Miki to go when she graduates from Morning Musume. Aya and Miki had been grouped together before in Gommatou, along with Maki Goto. Will this be the group that finally sticks? I hope so.

My Subjective Score: 9.5/10

1. Thanks !
This is a very infectious track! I love the fast-paced chorus and background music, which makes it great to dance to. Aya and Miki compliment each other very well. Thanks ! was a smart first single for the two.

2. Shinkirou Romance
A sweet longing love song that doesn’t fall into the ballad trap of similarity. I can already understand that GAM is going to try to be more of a mature and serious group.


Track 1: Thanks !
Track 2: Shinkirou Romance
Track 3: Thanks ! (Instrumental)


There are a lot of leg shots! If you’re not familiar the word “gam”, it also happens to be a slang term for sexy legs, supposedly. They are really playing this up big time. Aya and Miki are doing some sexy dancing behind a bright pink screen and flashing lights that is surprising. I can’t say they are hip-hop stars, however. Every know and then the girls are sitting in a huge leather chair, crossing their legs. The name of the single just should have been “Legs!”


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