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Posted On February 26, 2007

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Kimura Kaela is seen as a rebel and a free spirit in the music business, often sporting different hairstyles and fashion, yet she has great talent in music. Kimura Kaela’s “Scratch” was released on February 7, 2007 and reached the coveted #1 spot! This is her third album and I definitely want more of her. There are some great jewels on this album waiting for you to find them, so if you’re a rock fan, hop on the Kaela fan train because has a lot to offer.

My Subjective Score: 8/10

1. L. drunk
The background could have done without that incessant xylophone. If it wasn’t there the song would have sounded ten times better. I don’t want to listen to this if it gives me a headache. I guess that’s just what drunk really is.

2. Magic Music
Just an all around fun song with a fun beat you can bounce around and sing with your hairbrush in hand. The chorus is indeed catchy. This was one of her singles.

3. Snowdome
A little bit of a softer song that is halfway-decent. The acoustic guitar was fitting for the track and I wished there were more times in which it was the sole instrument played. The music overpowers her voice sometimes, and I surmise from this that she is very focused on the music itself and not just her singing. I’m surprised that this was a single.

4. Wani to Kotori
Her voice is pretty, yet this track gets a little “carnival-esque” sometimes with added synthesizers. If she could have just taken out all of that extra unnecessary noise the album would have been much better overall. I have noticed a trend of strong background beats throughout her songs.

5. dolphin
Though it has a harder edge, the accompanying strings make it softer. A well-composed song and I love the guitar solo at the end! This is maybe my favorite song on the album.

6. sweetie
I really like how her voice and the music complement each other well. I love the guitar! This song sounds like contemporary American girl/pop music and I enjoy listening.

7. Kirin Tan
The song sounds very retro in a way I can’t exactly describe, but nevertheless it is interesting. I kind of get a tropical island feel from it somehow. I actually really like this song because it sounds so, so different and far from mainstream, even from the other material on the album. I guess this is her experimental song.

8. Scratch
The namesake of the album happens to be an interlude of sorts with varying piano, guitar, drum, and synthesizer mixing all together with a tiny bit of singing at the end. It is very fitting with the mood overall, so props to Kaela for not creating something really whacky. Again, strong beats that make you listen.

I love the piano in the beginning! Not too shabby of a song. There’s a strong guitar solo near the end. She tends to mix in everything soft with the hard guitar sounds to produce a signature sound. I can envision a music video with her running all over the place singing.

10. never land
I didn’t like this one because it came off too strong for me at parts. Her singing during the voices was fun to listen to however.

This song is very alternative…I can see her punk-like side coming through. I think this song somewhat exemplifies the music she wants to create.

JOEY BOY is ok all round but it didn’t really interest me too much.

13. Ground Control Album Mix
Her English isn’t too bad so the song survives. I hope someone can save me from that halloween-ghost synthesizer thing in the middle of the song. That was strange and umm…yeah. The song had some fun pop elements to it so it’s pleasant sounding to the ears for the most part.

Track 1: L. drunk
Track 2: Magic Music
Track 3: Snowdome
Track 4: Wani to Kotori
Track 5: dolphin
Track 6: sweetie
Track 7: Kirin Tan
Track 8: Scratch
Track 10: never land
Track 12: JOEY BOY
Track 13: Ground Control (Album Mix)


L. drunk: That truly was a drunk and acid trip all together. Very bright, lots of movement and I don’t think I could watch it again without feeling ill. I guess it accomplishes what it sets out to do in the firstplace.

Magic Music: There are some crazy things going on here that I can’t accurately describe. Lots of Kaela’s and artsy stuff all over the place.

Snowdome: Kaela’s very cute and happy throughout. A very different personality from what was shown in L. drunk. She seems like a child in a fantasy world.

TREE CLIMBERS: This a live performance mixed with Kaela and her band running around in a park wearing paper bags as faces.


4 Responses to “Kimura Kaela [Scratch]”

  1. rliuvwxyz

    Very nice album, thks for the review!

  2. maya

    uhmm that’s not her band in the video of tree climbers, that’s actually the j-rock band BEAT CRUSADERS. check their video tonight,tonight,tonight you’ll find kaela there and those were not paper bags over their heads, they’re actually dot matrix print-outs of their faces

  3. salomon

    oh my f875king god i need the album please tell me where i found it

  4. ent

    well i just want add information about the song “SCRATCH” was composed by kimura kaela and post-rock band name TOE.
    and “SNOWDOME” composed by BEAT CRUSADERS

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