Mai Kuraki [Season of Love]

Posted On February 25, 2007

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Mai Kuraki’s Season of Love was released February 14, 2007 and reached #6 on the Oricon chart. How it got that high is beyond me, but the only reasoning I can give is that Mai has a large and loyal fanbase. I have heard a lot better from her and I am surprised she would have released a single as weak as this one. Please, please don’t spend your money on this single!

My Subjective Score: 2/10

1. Season of Love
Personally, this song doesn’t seem to have any real spark to it all. It doesn’t sound like the current trends of pop at the moment and sounds very old in terms of composition. I really didn’t like how it was sang or the beat of the song. Very, very disappointing from Mai. Is she finally losing it after all these years?

2. Season of Love (Latin Lover Remix)
I liked the dance remix a lot better! If they had sped up the original song like this it might have worked. But then again this is only a dance version, not a real single and Mai should have done a song completely different from Season of Love. That is only hindsight thinking, however.

3. Shiroi Yuki (Orgel Version)
A lullaby! There are no words in the song, so not much to say.


Track 1: Season of Love
Track 2: Season of Love (Latin Lover Remix)
Track 3: Shiroi Yuki (Orgel Version)
Track 4: Season of Love (Instrumental)


GIZA really didn’t put much effort in to this pv much like they didn’t with the song. It was probably filmed entirely in a large, one-room studio. There are some large televisions in the background behind Mai that give the video some color, but all in all it was a poorly done production.


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