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Posted On February 25, 2007

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Aa! was created as a one-shot group under the massive Hello! Project umbrella and released only this single, First Kiss, on October 29, 2003, reaching the #8 spot. The trio was composed of Tanaka Reina from Morning Musume, and Natsuyaki Miyabi and Suzuki Airi from Hello! Project Kids. Today Miyabi is now in Berryz Koubou and Airi in C-ute; Reina is still part of MM. I am wondering why Aa! never released any more singles, as they are a decent group. I think Tsunku bites off more than he can chew sometimes…

  These are current pictures of the girls who were in Aa!
Tanaka Reina Natsuyaki Miyabi Suzuki Airi

My Subjective Score: 7.5/10

1. First Kiss
Not too bad of a song. Airi has a great voice for her age, but she is just so young on this song that it makes me like it a little less than if someone in their twenties sang it. She was nine years old when she sang this and she has the bulk of the vocals! Quite impressive for her but it doesn’t say much about the other two. Perhaps this single was an experiment revolving around Airi’s ability.

2. Masayume
Again, I have the same problem with Airi’s young voice, which sounded a little worse on this time around. I didn’t like the nasal-lie words during the end of the chorus. Masayume is decent but not great. Airi’s voice isn’t mature enough to fully carry the song.

Track 1: First Kiss
Track 2: Masayume
Track 3: First Kiss (Instrumental)


Airi looks absolutely comical dancing around in pants that could literally eat her alive. All three of them are just dancing in a room and continuously staring out a window.


12 Responses to “Aa! [First Kiss]”

  1. Luis Manuel

    Hello My name is Luis I will like have the song the First kiss
    were do i down load the song?

  2. Luis Manuel

    My e-mail is amevo_id_revolution@hotmail.com

  3. palai@live.se

    how are you?

  4. palai@live.se

    I will like have the song the First kiss


  5. monika

    omg! lol the first time i tried working this thing it kept pausing and pausing!!!!1 ugh! here it comes again

  6. Sheldan

    Although i cannot understand a word becuz i am an american who has no idea how to speak wat ever language they are speaking i still luv the song.the beat is awesome.i want it on my ipod or phone

  7. Sarah

    Could you send me the instrumental for First kiss?


  8. Sharlene

    I love the Aa’s :D~
    I tried to search for the song ” First Kiss”
    But I couldn’t and i was sad.. T_T
    Is there any chance you can send it to


    If you do, Thanks you lots!

  9. Tomokyo

    Ah, is there any chance that you can send First Kiss Instrumental to me?

    If yes, then please send it to:


    If no, then sorry for bothering you ^^

  10. Serena

    Can someone send me the song “First Kiss”???????
    Plzzz i love the song but couldn’t find it anywhere T_T

  11. Serena

    If someone can, my e-mail is
    plz and thank you if you can

  12. Riina

    Um, actually..
    Lots of H!P songs are available. o-o” I have all the H!P songs, lol. 😛

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