Tommy Heavenly 6 [Heavy Starry Chain]

Posted On February 21, 2007

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 Tommy Heavenly 6 and Tommy February 6 are two “characters” Kawase Tomoko has created. Both of these characters look, act, and sing differently, and Tommy Heavenly 6 is her more recent alias. She is also in the popular band Brilliant Green as the lead singer. I’m not sure if I understand the reason for all of this mutiple personality disorder, but I’ll overlook it and focus on the music. Heavy Starry Chain is Tommy February 6’s 8th single released on February 7th, 2007, and its top spot on the Oricon chart was #10. It is a fantastic rock single to put it straight! Although I listen to mostly JPop, it is nice to break away from it once in a while and listen to some creativity, because I mean let’s face it, how many Momusu members have actually wrote a hit single?

My Subjective Score: 9/10

1. Heavy Starry Chain
A well-composed rock song! The guitar sounds great and compliments with her voice well. I really like the guitar solo in the middle and the overall tempo throughout. The interspersed English didn’t sound very random as in most songs, thankfully. I can tell that Tommy February 6 spends a lot of quality time working on material. I’ll have to dig up more of her music because I really haven’t been a fan, but this has convinced me!

2. Alway’s Somethin’
Just as great as the previous song and matches well with it. I really like how how the lyrics are sung during the chorus. She comes off very strong and is certainly not shy about her singing ability. As I mentioned before she is a seasoned veteran when it comes to music and it shows what maturity brings. How can Leah Dizon do better than this artist on the Oricon charts? It makes me wonder sometimes…

Track 1: Heavy Starry Chain
Track 2: Alway’s Somethin’
Track 3: Heavy Starry Chain (Instrumental)


The video is Tommy switching back and forth between personalities throughout. Heavenly 6 is dressed as a snow white vampire, continously singing into an apple and jumping around in a coffin that looks like its from Party City in a child’s room. I don’t understand the red electric blender in the background going full speed, but whatever. It was very entertaining to watch as she’s dynamic.


5 Responses to “Tommy Heavenly 6 [Heavy Starry Chain]”

  1. drmike

    interesting. Do note that the download links are against’s ToS though. You may want to remove them πŸ™‚

  2. nakanaka

    thanks for the info!

  3. drmike

    Not a problem. πŸ™‚

  4. Lex

    Hi, I just wanted to say that her name is Tomoko Kawase, not Okuda. I wanted to point that out for you. ^^

  5. Casey

    Oh. I put her married name instead. I’ll add that in. Thanks. πŸ™‚

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