Kishimoto Hayami [Dessert Days]

This is the single that got me interested into Hayami! She isn’t as popular as top artists in Japan such as Koda Kumi, but sometimes she puts out a single I really enjoy. Dessert Days is Hayami’s 6th single, released on October 6, 2004. It only reached #36 on the Oricon chart unfortunately.

My Subjective Score: 8/10

1. Dessert Days
I adore this song! The chorus is unnecessarily catchy, and the simple background beats make you hit the repeat button again and again. I feel that she has the ability to become very popular, as she is still fairly young, but I think it might be more dependent on luck because there are so many idols in the JPop scene. Anyway, the speed of the song fit well with the vocals and I could easily dance along.

2. So Many Nights
A suprising B-side because I feel this song was good enough for a single by itself. So Many Nights continues the mood Dessert Days sets. I find myself sometimes liking this better than Dessert Days. I like the break about two-thirds through the song that slows the song down a bit, yet helps it build back up right to the chorus. When Hayami is given a song like this, she nails it. I think she fits perfectly in the category of danceable/trying to be serious/pop music.

3. Konya wa Kaeranai
Konya wa Kaeranai is missing the strength and vibrancy of the two songs that precede it. I felt she could have sang stronger to help the song sound ten times better. However, it is not a terrible song! Though I am not really into the chorus, the verses are nice to listen to.

Track 1: Dessert Days
Track 2: So Many Nights
Track 3: Konya wa Kaeranai
Track 4: Dessert Days (Instrumental)


Hayami is in the mall and dancing outside, messing around with friends, which makes her seem very approachable. Yet there were random shots where she is dancing in the ocean (for the sex appeal?). I liked how the beats in the song coordinated to a new shot cut-in keeping the pv exiciting. Her dancing wasn’t half-bad. Hayami is still cute either way. :p


2 Responses to “Kishimoto Hayami [Dessert Days]”

  1. Kimitsu

    Thanks for the link! It’s nice to see someone else who likes Hayamin~

    I thought Konya wa Kaeranai was actually the catchiest song on the entire single – not to say it’s the best, but the beat of the song overall was a lot more addictive than the falsettos of So Many Nights or the punchy stanzas of Dessert Days.

    It’s also interesting to note how the songs can be linked together by their titles – “Days”, “Nights”, and then “I’m not returning tonight” – along with the fact that they’re all darker/R&B dance songs. But that’s just me rambling at 2AM. Looking forward to reading more from you!

  2. nakanaka

    I’m glad you’re a fan too! Good point about the song titles…I wasn’t even thinking about it. :p

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