Posted On August 22, 2007

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I just want to let anyone that comes across this blog that I will not be updating. However, I’ll leave it up for your enjoyment.


Abe Natsumi [Haha to Musume no Duet Song]

The forgotten solo artist? Once the most popular member of Morning Musume, Abe Natsumi is not anywhere close to her early success. I never hear about die-hard Natsumi fans anymore! I am ambitiously reviewing all of her discography to bring some hype to Nacchi, ending with her newest mini-album release. I won’t let Tsunku stop her solo career and shuffle her into groups until she slowly burns out! *pant *pant.

Haha to Musume no Duet Song is an “unofficial” single from Natsumi she performed with Yosumi Keiko. The single isn’t too bad, and it wasn’t meant to truly be a hit single, but it is comforting to listen to.

My Subjective Score: 8/10
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Spring Break Hiatus

Posted On March 17, 2007

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I’m going to sunny California for spring break, so there will be about a week break in posting. I’ll accumulate a large back-up of music, so just be patient, and you’ll here more from me in a little while.


Posted On March 14, 2007

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YUI’s eighth single, CHE.R.Y. was released on March 7, 2007, and reached the #2 spot. I am not particularly fond of her voice, but I give her props for composing her own music. Whether you end up liking it or not depends on your music taste, I guess, but I’m not hearing anything stellar on this single.

My Subjective Score: 6/10
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Hirai Ken [Kimi no Suki na Toko]

Posted On March 10, 2007

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Hirai Ken, the not-seemingly Japanese ballad singer, has unveiled yet again another nice tempo, feel-good single. Kimi no Suki na Toko was released February 28, 2007 and reached #5 on the Oricon chart. It’s not exactly my cup of tea, but if you are a Ken fan you will enjoy it.

My Subjective Score: 6.5/10
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Inoue Marina [Beautiful Story]

Posted On March 9, 2007

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Beautiful Story was released on March 1, 2007 by Inoue Marina, as the ending theme for the anime “gestumentoheika Mi-na”. Marina is mainly a voice actor, but she has also released two previous singles before this during the past three years, so apparently singing isn’t her main focus. I’m not sure if I’m convinced if she can actually sing, however. She seems cute, but I can’t take her seriously.

My Subjective Score: 5.5/10
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Angela Aki [Sakurairo]

Posted On March 9, 2007

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Sakurario was released on March 7, 2007 by the graceful Angela Aki. Do I like it? Yes. But do I love it. No. I feel that she needs to have some more range in her song choices. A lot of her songs sound a lot alike. The overall single isn’t the strongest, but it is still worth spending your money on. Though I may seem negative, Angela is a lot better comparitively to other female musicians in talent. The piano version of “Home” is your treat on this single!

My Subjective Score: 8.5/10
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Namie Amuro [Baby Don’t Cry]

Posted On March 9, 2007

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Baby Don’t Cry was released on January 24, 2007 by the beautiful pop queen Amuro Namie, and is her 31st single (wow!). This single has been sitting around in my room for quite some time, and I figured I needed to blog about it instead of letting months go by. Overall the single is well created, yet it doesn’t exactly fit my taste. Anyway, it reached #3 on the Oricon chart and that says something, doesn’t it?

My Subjective Score: 8/10
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Arashiro Beni [Luna]

Arashiro Beni’s eighth single, Luna, was released on February 28, 2007, and only reached #77 on the Oricon chart so far. She is half-Japanese, having an American father, and can speak English and Japanese fluently. Beni is also part of Bishoujo Club 21, a Morning Musume look-alike group, and one of two soloists from the group. She really isn’t that popular in the music scene, partly because she hasn’t had one single to really break her through. Luna is a decent listen, but she still needs something more spectacular. I wonder what the future will hold for Beni?

My Subjective Score: 7/10
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UVERworld [Bugright]

Posted On March 7, 2007

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I am now an official UVERworld fan forever! Bugright was released on February 21, 2007 and reached #1 on the daily Oricon chart. UVERworld is composed of five members that go by their first names: TAKUYA∞ (yes, the infinity is part of his name), Akira, Katsuya, Nobuto, and Shintarou. The album sound splits about half-way through from a friendly rock to a softer sound, and then turns back around to a great rock sound. Honestly, there was not a single track that I disliked!

Here are pics of the members:

My Subjective Score: 9/10
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